Z515 Spring 2015

IA & UX: Two sides of the same coin?

So, I come from a UX background – through my Masters in HCI/D, we’ve really focused on the D – Design, and personally I’ve been drawn towards Experience Design. It’s a more holistic approach which, to my eyes, addresses how people actually see and live these technologies.

Going through the IA readings – and take this with a grain of salt, since these are the first readings and the first class – I felt like so much of it was familiar, just… twisted, or taken from a different approach. And reflecting back on it, it seems to me that really both are aiming for the same thing – The end experience of using product/design/object/service X – It just differs how they got there. IA seems to focus on the paths, the structure, the layout, but still takes into account the emotions that UX focuses on. It has to. Both are inextricably interlinked. The realization that you cannot only change one without changing the other is really an integral part of being a designer.

Stasa’s description of the everyday work of an Information Architect seems exactly like what I’ve come to feel from UX – it’s more about negotiating different expectations between different parties than really anything else.

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