Z515 Spring 2015

Information Architecture – Skill for better user experience

I’m a HCI/d student. What we’ve learned includes user research, and experience design. We’ve talked a lot about user-centered, user-friendly, user experience, seamless, context, etc. But I feel that what we’ve learned is more focused on high-level ideas and concepts, such as problem-finding, problem-framing, design directions and some wireframes. But I feel what’s lacking is the knowledge to implement design, to realize the blueprint with small details. For example, the knowledge of the detailed interaction, interface, and also information architecture. That’s why I want to take this class and think it’s helpful for experience design.

While reading paper, I agree with the point that it’s important to make the experience seamless and invisible. And information architecture would make a huge impact especially for big sites with giant and complex information. I’m excited about this course and looking forward to the result.

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