Z515 Spring 2015

Relationship between IA and UX

Throughout the readings, sometimes I could comprehend what IA is and how is it related to UX, however most of the time, I could only make assumptions, as there seems to be a great overlap between the two, in terms of functionality and outcome. But here’s my take anyway:

  • IA is focused on the structure: Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing information.
  • Information architects could be creating wireframes, labelling content, organizing content, deciding on navigation and so on.
  • Information Architects work to create usable content, with the provided sets of  complex information.
  • While IA suggests sharing of knowledge to other professionals, in order to make them understand the techniques of IA, and even possibly perform the tasks related to information architecture, UX almost always stresses on having a unique perspective, very different from graphic designers, or developers and programmers. Though a UX designer is considered to work collaboratively with others within and outside the UX team, their jobs and tasks are considered to be unique and has never been acknowledged that other (professionals) could take on their tasks.
  • Both IA and UX is invisible most of the times to the end-user.
  • User Experience is in fact inclusive of Information Architecture. (Yay!)


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