Z515 Spring 2015

Do we really need Information Architects?

Imagine a library without a librarian. What would you see? I see a vast building filled with books, articles, and novels just lying around without any order, classification or distinction. I see people having a difficult time trying to locate anything because of the disorder in the library. So when people ask “Do we really need Information Architects?” I ask them to imagine this scenario. There is information everywhere around us be it in physical form like books, encyclopedias or the internet which is quite possibly the biggest hub of information in the world. Like an architect in the real world who carefully plans the layout of a structure and ensures the layout works, Information Architects plan the structure of a website to ensure a satisfactory user experience. They use their skills to present the information in a way that leads to enhanced information retrieval for any user. There is an increasing demand for Information Architects in many industries today and rightfully so. Developers can build a great working website but the team needs Information Architects to present the information in a cohesive and organized manner so the purpose behind the website is fulfilled. After all there can be information all around you, but its only useful if you can find what you are looking for.

– Archana Singh

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