Z515 Spring 2015

Information Architecture… What’s the fuss about after all?

With the advent of the world wide web, there is an availability of infinite information to every user. While information is power, excess of information causes a serious problem- information overload. Just imagine a library without a methodical way of organizing books- books just heaped up in some corner! It would be a mighty big challenge finding the right information. Just as the library requires knowledgeable professionals to organize, and maintain books, the internet and websites requires information architects.

In his book, Rosenfeld (2007) did an excellent job introducing us to the concept of Information Architecture- what it means to be an information architect, and more importantly helped identify the boundaries between information architecture and other related fields. The author raises some very interesting points- such as the difficulties information architects face while driving in on the importance of their job to clients- the cost of information architecture (or the cost of not having an information architect).

Rosenfeld also raises a very controversial topic in his book’s second chapter- are information architects required at all? Can anyone be trained to be an information architect? Are they only needed to fix messy websites? To that my response would be– Just as a building would be unsteady, messy, dangerous, and useless without an architect a website would suffer the same fate without an information architect!

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