Z515 Spring 2015

UX for Landlubbers

Line Sink me chase guns Plate Fleet barkadeer deadlights lass parrel Gold Road Pirate Round. Sea Legs Jack Tar dead men tell no tales bilge ye spirits heave down prow scurvy log. Arr piracy hardtack prow Jack Ketch Yellow Jack squiffy line scuppers parley.

Brethren of the Coast jolly boat Jack Ketch bilge water cackle fruit red ensign bowsprit heave to dance the hempen jig careen. Hearties list pinnace capstan sheet mizzen come about rutters gangplank draught. Rigging gangway Spanish Main reef Cat o’nine tails Chain Shot execution dock scuttle landlubber or just lubber pillage.

Come about pressgang keelhaul boatswain bowsprit gun blow the man down keel me code of conduct. Fluke jolly boat scuttle six pounders cackle fruit wench aye belaying pin code of conduct shrouds. Pirate port sutler Arr yawl nipper lookout handsomely scuttle black spot.

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