Z515 Spring 2015

IA Research, Evaluation, & Design, Part 2

Responding to:

Garrett, J.J. (2011). Chapter 3: The strategy plane (pp. 34-54). Chapter 4: The scope plane (pp. 56-77). In Elements of user experience: user-centered design for the web. 2nd ed. Boston: New Riders.
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“Persona Doubt”
Kudzai C

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Urvashi G

personae and stereotyping
Mara I

“Project Managers or Designers’ job?”
Yisi L

“Personas for Unknown Users”
Amanda M

“I can’t wait to not make a persona”
Zan M

“Data gathering”
Mehrdad M

“power of brevity”
Clark M

Persona:  Attempting to Walk in a User’s Shoes
Keith P

Those time consuming requirements
Anusha R

User Personas for Design Accessibility
Ryan R

“The Dangers of Personas” 
Tiffany S

Requirements and Culture!
Archana S

Persona goes First.
Martin S

The Psychology of a Persona
Joseph W

Jianping W

“Persona and Empathy”
Yu X

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