Z515 Spring 2015

Order versus Organization

Responding to:

Garrett, J.J. (2011). Chapter 5: The structure plane (pp. 78-105). In Elements of user experience: user-centered design for the web. 2nd ed. Boston: New Riders.
Covert, A. (2014). Play with structure (pp. 124-145). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
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Spencer, D. (2009). All about organizing (pp. 15-41). In Card sorting: Describing usable categories. Brooklyn: Rosenfeld Media.
Wurman, R.S.. (2001). LATCH. In Information anxiety 2 (pp. 40-45). Indianapolis, IN: Que.
Colborne, G. (2011). Organize (pp. 112-135). In Simple and Usable: Web, Mobile, and Interaction Design. Berkeley: New Riders.


“Categories and Consequences
Kudzai C

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Urvashi G

navigational affordances, etc., and money
Mara I

“Organization is everywhere”
Yisi L

“It’s Time to Organize”
Amanda M

“Steve Krug as meta example”
Zan M

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Mehrdad M

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are
Clark M

“How Many Paths Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?”
Keith P

Desired path to your desired destination
Anusha R

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Ryan R

“Organization and Personality”
Tiffany S

Archana S

Five Ways to Organize Information
Martin S

Viewing a Webpage ‘in Order’
Joseph W

Order in IA
Jianping W

“Navigational Mechanism & Write Meaningful Links | Reading Notes for future reference”
Yu X

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