Z515 Spring 2015

Controlled Vocabularies, Facets, and Labeling Systems

Responding to:

Morville, P. & L. Rosenfeld, L. (2007).Chapter 9: Thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and metadata (pp. 176-208). In Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. 3rd ed. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly.
Hinton, A. (2014). The materials of semantic function (pp. 351-372). Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture. Beijing: O’Reilly.
Kalbach, J. (2007). Designing web navigation (pp. 213-216 and 301-310). Beijing: O’Reilly.
Tunkelang, D. (2009). Faceted search (pp. 3-9, 21-26 and 47-68). San Rafael: Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
Morville, P. & L. Rosenfeld, L. (2007). Chapter 6: Labeling systems (pp. 82-114). In Information architecture for the World Wide Web. 3rd ed. Beijing: O’Reilly.


“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Kudzai C

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Urvashi G

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Mara I

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Yisi L

Enlightened by Context
Amanda M

“Responsive Vocabularies?”
Zan M

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Mehrdad M

Confusion in the iCloud
Clark M

“I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”
Keith P

I wonder how Google does it..
Anusha R

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Ryan R

“Taking Facets for Granted”
Tiffany S

“”Narrow and Deep” or “Broad and Shallow”?
Archana S

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Martin S

The Usefulness of Facets
Joseph W

See ourselves as users – Vocabularies
Jianping W

“Speaking the same language”
Yu X

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