Z515 Spring 2015

Site Maps and Flow Charts

Responding to:

Brown, D.M. (2011). Site maps (pp. 94-123) and Flowcharts (pp. 124-164) . In Communicating design: Developing web site documentation for design and planning. 2nd ed. Berkeley: New Riders.
Wodtke, C. and A. Govella. (2009). Document site structure with a site map. In Information architecture: Blueprints for the web. 2nd ed. (pp. 171-175). Berkeley: New Riders.
Caddick, R. & Cable S. (2011). Sitemaps. In Communicating the User Experience: A Practical Guide for Creating Useful UX Documentation. New York: Wiley.


Flow Chart Problems
Kudzai C

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Urvashi G

the flowchart–a model for IA sociality
Mara I

“Mobile Application Maps”
Yisi L

Getting a Different Perspective
Amanda M

“Something in between”
Zan M

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Mehrdad M

The Cartographic Conundrum
Clark M

“Dialogue trees: An example of a flowchart in role playing games”
Keith P

How useful are sitemaps and flowcharts?
Anusha R

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Ryan R

Going with the Flowchart
Tiffany S

Sitemaps for Clients? Maybe, not!
Archana S

Graphic tells better?
Martin S

Flowcharts: The Quickest Way from Point A to Point B
Joseph W

Site Maps & Flowcharts
Jianping W

“Site maps & Flow charts”
Yu X

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