Z515 Spring 2015

Prototypes: the middle men

Responding to:

Moule, J. (2012). Prototype the solution (pp. 157-190). In Killer UX Design. Collingwood: SitePoint.
Warfel, T. Z. (2009). Prototyping: A practitioner’s guide (pp. 1-64 and 129-147). Brooklyn: Rosenfeld Media.


Tool of choice
Kudzai C

Prototype scenarios, not designs
Urvashi G

“why do I keep from blogging?”
Mara I

“Prototype is not the final design”
Yisi L

CMSs and Prototype Guidelines
Amanda M

“Prototypes, and the development gap.”
Zan M

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Mehrdad M

Prototyping for design exploration
Clark M

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Keith P

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Anusha R

“Catchy Post Title Here!”
Ryan R

Prototypes: the middle men
Tiffany S

Do we really need low fidelity prototypes?
Archana S

An Important step to final product!
Martin S

Prototyping, a Beta Test
Joseph W

Prototying & Wireframe
Jianping W

“Differences between wireframe and prototype”
Yu X

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